Gus Littlefield

"Dear Ben.

For more years then I care to remember I had always put off cleaning my gutters. I was never comfortable standing on the ladder all day, tearing my hands to pieces and only ever half doing it anyway. However during the June long weekend floods (2007) we had a huge amount of water come into our ceiling which caused major damage.
The roof plumber who assessed and repaired the damage pointed out where the collection of leaves particularly in the front valley, had stopped the water from getting away quick enough and the result was it just poured into the roof.
Since we had your company install Allcoast Gutterguard we have had plenty of rain but not one problem with flooding. Whilst I hope we don’t ever experience the amount of rain we had that weekend again I know that our gutters and valleys are clear and feel secure in knowing we have done all we can to prevent more damage.

I would recommend anyone thinking of using your company to protect their homes not to wait as long as I did."

Gus Littlefield

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