Corrugated Roofs

Corrugated Roofs

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Corrugated (Corro) roof installations have specialised componentry to ensure a professional finish and a metal roof installation can take a little longer than on tiles.

Once the gutters are clean, the installation process is completed in the following order.

1)    Your chosen mesh product will be rolled out over the top of the guttering. The material is secured to the gutters outside edge by installing a Colorbond© flashing with class 4 self-drilling screws every 250mm.  The mesh colour is determined by the colour of the roof sheeting, while the flashings and screws are colour matched with the guttering.

2)    Now that one edge of the mesh is secured to the guttering, the other edge needs to be prepared for installation to the roof. Strategically positioned relief cuts are made in the guttermesh, coinciding with every second rib in the corrugations. This fabricating process helps the mesh shape to the roof profile which enables the mesh to sit flat against it.

3)    On a corro roof, specifically designed clips are screwed onto every second corrugation in the roof to hold the mesh down firmly against the corrugations. These clips (called saddles) are designed so that the mesh seals hard against the roof and no leaves or pests can get underneath.

4)     On corro roof valleys the product reaches from one side of the valley to the other and secured to the roof sheeting. The gutter guard is secured to each corrugation for this part of the installation. Protecting the valley gutters is very important and often a source of internal flooding when left unprotected.

5)    The final step in the installation process is securing the mesh at the hips and gables. For metal roofs silicone is not required as the mesh is screwed to the existing capping and flashings. This method ensures that all areas that leaves or pests can enter the guttering have been addressed and protected.

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